The 3 Basics of Search Engine Optimization

The essence of Search Engine Optimization is very simple: it’s the science – and art – of making your website more visible in the vast expanse that is the World Wide Web. In other words, when someone plugs a couple of keywords into a search engine to look for something, how do you make sure your page is right up there on top of the list?

1) Hone in on the right keywords.

Many people make the mistake of trying to cover a huge range of keywords in their posts, assuming that this means that the chances of showing up higher on search engine results is greater. Unfortunately, that’s just not true. The last thing you want is for search engines to think that you’re ‘keyword stuffing’, which is the practice of including as many keywords as possible in your posts. What you really want is to identify a couple of keywords that are central to your website, and then make sure that it is used in a way that makes sense within the posts. Then, use these one or two words in these four areas of your website – within the first 65 characters of the headline, the headers and body, the URL, and the meta description.

2) Make your site mobile-friendly.

As well all know by now, more people are accessing the internet  on their mobile phones than on their desktops. And when the search is being done on mobiles, search engines display the mobile-friendly websites first. So put in the work to make your website’s mobile experience better and you’ll quickly see the difference in response.

3) Optimize your images.

One of the quickest ways to lose traffic is to load your website with only text. Not only does it make it visually unappealing, you also miss out on a ton of traffic because search engines don’t just look for images – they look for images with alt text. Alt text is how search engines know what image is being displayed, helping them get tracked higher on search results. Alt text also improves accessibility, since people with vision issues can use a screen reader to know what is being displayed on your website.

In addition, there are more tips such as creating internal links and more that we at Klientas can help you with. Give us a call today, and let us assist you on your entrepreneurial journey.