How to Use Social Media for Events and Expos

At a time when we’re all surrounded by a flood of information, taking an event from an idea to a fantastic event is no simple task. Social media and online branding for events  is something that is now a crucial part of the marketing campaign – but again, how do you make sure your events stands out here as well?

Before the event: Here, you want to be marketing anticipation. You’ll want to release the names of VIPs and celebrities who are likely to be there in a creative and interesting way. Another strategy is to build the buzz by having early bird deadlines and registration windows, and offering discounts or offers with them. Start sharing behind-the-scenes pictures, and make sure people know how to get their hands on tickets. Photos really drive up engagement, and you can leverage this in a great way for your expo. In addition, join in and help shape the conversation that’s already happening online. If you see a tweet from someone who seems interested in the event, retweet it, answer their question, and make sure that your engagement is very visible.
During the event: Here again, photos play a crucial role. Tag and upload your pictures while the event is on to make sure everyone sees what’s happening. Add in quotes from people who are attending, videos and funny moments to capture a sense of what it’s like to be present there. One of the coolest ways to do this it to have a photo booth at the event. Don’t forget to interact with your audience with questions and polls, ask them their reactions to the event, and more. Make sure that you get high-quality photos and videos, because you can use them later as well. Don’t miss your chance, and keep your eyes peeled for interesting events.
After the event: Keep track of any press coverage that you might have gotten, and share them with your followers. Reach out to people and ask the for feedback, and see what they loved, and what they would have liked to change. All this creates a feeling that you’re truly interested in the clients and people, which reflects brilliantly on your brand and event.
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