Importance of Explainer Videos

It is no secret that the use of marketing videos is on the rise. Marketing videos are becoming more and more popular these days because of the growth of different technologies, reduced buffering and improved internet speeds. Content marketing is a very important tool for any business to flourish.

Videos can be accessed easily these days. We are exposed to at least 500 hours of videos being updated to YouTube every minute! This is because of reduced buffering time and increased Internet speeds. How it has ventured into the business marketing scenario is a thing of wonder. Earlier, 30 second commercials used to be fed to people via Television. Now that is taking over the internet space. However, people do not have the time to sit and watch commercials which are uninteresting or captivating.

Explainer videos are the next big thing in content marketing because the more engaging and interesting your video is, there is minimal chance of the viewer losing interest and moving on. One of the biggest advantages of video marketing is you can convey big messages in a short period of time. Your target audiences are regularly watching videos online and it is available now at their fingertip. Almost all social media sites support video formats and giants like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are the place you need to be with your explainer videos.

A well-produced marketing video can really be a big boost for the business.  Make sure that the quality of the video is very clear. Dull voice and poor clarity video does not give you the punch that your wishing for. You must have a precise plan and idea about the video, decide about the goal and prepare accordingly.

Some of the advantages of Explainer videos are as follows:

Convey messages in a short span of time
Costumers get an insight idea about your company
Get the practical awareness about your product or services­­­­
Easily accessible to multiple platforms
Attract sales and traffic through proper video execution
Possibility to gain virality
Strong consumer attention
Rise in accessibility
Simply adding video won’t necessarily get you more sales for your business. It is the type of video, style and message that affect this. And also, any video needs great quality sound, as people do not tolerate poor sound quality.

Every business needs publicity. Every brand needs video. Explainer videos increase your brand visibility and helps improve trust in the minds of your target audience.

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Branding Within Budget

Branding is something that is not meant only for the corporate powerhouses. In this day of social media, not just companies but individuals also can benefit from establishing their brands.

Good branding is something that gives your business a strong visual identity. It makes your customer understand what your business represents.

Most businesses understand branding to be a method of choosing a name for a business or selecting a particular design or color for your logo. It is neither. Branding ties up everything together- your company name, the color of your logo, the fonts that you use, even the copies that you upload on your website. It offers consistency and helps you stand apart from your competitors.

Branding is not what you tell others about your business. It is how your customers perceive you.No matter how good our business is it is of no use if no one can find or remember it.

There are two questions you need to answer if you want to achieve success in your business.

Is your product something the people want?
Can you reach the people who wish to purchase your product?
Now the challenge is about reaching the right people.

It is quite simple, by adopting the right branding strategies. It is at the small companies that the real innovations in branding are happening. Their concepts are quirky and their experiments are daring. They do not have to restrict themselves to specific ideas and guidelines so as to keep their brands consistent. They are more open. They explore new creative directions. However, with their budgets being limited for marketing and branding,theyhave to hunt for new options every time that will attract business.

If you are one of those small businesses who are looking for such ways, here are few ideas that can help.

Set your goal and your budget

Consider your resources keep in mind your limitations and take your steps. Simple and realistic!

Pay to play

Eventually, at one point you will have to pay to play the game. Even so think twice.

Capitalize on the local offerings of Google

It is up to you to make the best use of the local offerings from Google to target your right audience.

Focus on one social channel

Greed will end in vain. Concentrate on one social media where your audience is and be successful.

Email marketing

Email is the most cost-efficient method. Personalize your emails based on requirements and preferences of your prospects.

Start Blogging

Everybody does this, but it’s the content that makes you stand out. Be fresh!

Keyword Research

Find the right keyword that is relevant for your business.

Share your knowledge

Share information and gain authority in the industry within your audience.

Conduct surveys, listen and learn

Learn from the audience what they want before you offer them.

These steps can help you market your business effectively even if you are working with a small budget. Yes, you will need a fantastic product. But you won’t be able to reach your goal if you do not have the determination to succeed.

Having said that, do not dive in there because the rest are doing so. Be alert find out what works for you, seek expert advice and then take your step. After all you have neither the money nor the time to waste by getting things wrong.