Every time someone does a search for something on search engines such as Google, the search engine must go through thousands of pages and serve the best results that will give the user most useful information he searched for.  It is very important to create a strategy of keywords so that your ecommerce store could rank better every time users search for terms that are related to products that you sell.

Why Keyword Research Is Important?

Keyword research is a strategy used by SEO experts to find alternative search terms people are entering into search engines while looking for a specific subject. They then collect those keywords and create a strategy to achieve better rankings on search engines. The ultimate goal is to build is a relevant list of keywords that you can refer back to and use as you build and optimize your site ,write your product descriptions  and craft your blog posts.

Understanding Keywords

Keywords, Long tail Keywords, Search Volume, Competition they are the basic terms that you’ll understand.

A keyword in the context of seo is a particular word or phrase that describes the contents of a Web page. Keywords are intended to act as shortcuts that sum up an entire page.

Long tail keywords are keywords that contain three or more words. Search volume is usually measured in average monthly searches. This is the total number of searches each month for each particular search phrase or keyword. Competition refers to the difficulty of ranking for a particular keyword.

Google Keywords Tools

One of the most popular tools for conducting keyword research is Google’s Keyword Planner Tool. It allows you to search for keywords to determine how many searches per month and how much competition for it and the related search terms.

The related search terms are important because it’s going to expose other similar keywords. Google’s keyword serves two main purposes that are those who want to achieve good rankings and get more visitors to their website through SEO.

Refining the keywords

At the end of the research, you should have an extensive list of the words and phrases that describe your e-commerce business. Building the list then, refine the words and phrases, considering prefixes and suffixes.

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