Cyber Security

For a one time fee we will assess vulnerabilities of the website and remediate security features and requirements.

The security platform offers the following proactive Web security solutions for your website:

  • Malware Prevention, Malware Cleanup
  • Passive vulnerability scanning
  • Blacklist repair
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Performance Optimization
  • Protection from Denial of Service Attacks

These are done on an ongoing threat for monitoring and prevention of cyber attacks.

Service Description

Our security monitoring platform is an innovative way to continuously measure and defend the effectiveness of your web security and gain assurance that your online presence is not threatened by malicious actors.

Our research team continually provides updates of vulnerability and threat intelligence, advanced analytics, security/compliance policies, dashboards, reports and Assurance to our platform. The state-of-the art solution performs a series of activities not limited to the below:

Asset Discovery

We perform asset discovery web applications accessible through the internet.

Vulnerability Assessment

We assess systems, networks and applications for weaknessess. This is performed at the time of Service on boarding as mentioned above.

Malware Detection

We detect advanced malware on your website and suspicious traffic to blacklisted external sites based on built-in threat intelligence.

Anomaly Detection

We detect unusual and suspicious network behavior.

Alerting and Notification

We provide alerts, notifications, and actions enable rapid response to high-priority security events.

Defense Manifestation

We use heuristic and signature based techniques. Incoming traffic is sanitized before reaching your website. If there are patterns matching an attack, or if the behavior looks out of place, we block it before sending the good traffic back to you.

We will protect your website from all website attacks including vulnerability exploitations, cross site scripting, sql injections, brute force attacks and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) disruptions.

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