According to W J T Mitchell the author of Image science “Images are not only visuals , they are auditory ,they involve sensuous impressions , bundles of information that come to us through our senses , and mainly through seeing and hearing , the audio-visual field”. And this same concept runs behind the usage of explainer video in the marketing sector.

Every company has a strategic and well efficient marketing team to tackle the sales goals of the commodity. This team generally focus on “how to reach more people?” and the way to reach the customers is by giving a visual description on what the product claims.

For example:
A foundation is been introduced in the cosmetic world. Rather than knowing its ingredients and formula the targeted user will be searching for reviews by famous actor or Youtubers who work on beauty endorsements. An explainer video about the product , its application and its results is what convinces a customer to purchase it.

– The video must be short, not more than 2 mins.
– Basic details such as price, key ingredients should be included in the video.
– The use of background music and animations can make the video much more attractive.
– The casting of a renowned personality or experienced user of the commodity, their reviews can make the video more convincing.


1. PROMOTION – Before your product hit the stores it’s very important to get a trust from the targeted users. With the help of explainer video, it will be an easy task to reach out to more people and publicise your commodity. This will not only help in advertising the product but also increases its commercialisation.

2. A BOON TO CONVERSION MARKETING – Explainer videos really helps to boost the company’s conversion rates. It is been proven that 88% of the users spend more time on your site if it is an explainer video. And it is also observed that the companies having their own explainer video has grown upto to 47% when compared to others.

3. CONQUERING SOCIAL MEDIA: Social media plays a very important role in promoting your company. One of the smart ways to raise your company’s social media strategy is by using explainer video. Over 60% of the Instagram users log in daily. That is approximately 2 billion Instagrammers and 8 million Facebook views and this will make your company outshine in the world of social media with creative and content rich explainer videos, increasing viewership as well as sales.

4. SMART WORK – Viewers retain 97% of the information about the commodity through a video and 11% from a simple text that they read. And this is what called as “Smart working” in the field of marketing. A research says that through the implication of an explainer video the people who are likely to buy the commodity roses by 65-90%.

Klientas has worked for several companies such as Muthoot Pappachan Group, Chemex Hygiene Concepts , Lifestyle Dreams,Elex Expo, Food Fun Flea – Summer of 19 etc and they are our happy clients .Klientas will help in recognising your needs and promoting your business through creative explainer videos.

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