CONTENT – A short but precisely briefed content will give the viewers a better idea about the company and its commodity or the plans that they like to present. Use of complicated words and accents will be a down mark in reaching more people so try to stick on to simpler but effective scripts.

QUALITY – No matter what,your company should not compromise with the quality of your explainer video. It should be presentable with high quality and creative animations, catchy background music and simple illustrations. The script should stand upto the quality of the product but not less than that.

TIME – Your company or commodity should get decent exposure with the help of a short video. You only have few seconds to capture the viewers’ attention. So make sure that your content sticks a minimal time scale and doesn’t bore the audience.

An explainer video should have content, animation, time limit etc, but the most important factor is the message it provides to the wide range of viewers. It should be able to give an idea about your product , how it works , its benefits or give a brief description about your company’s schemes and why should the viewers trust on your brand . Klientas will help you in recognizing your needs and promoting your business through creative explainer video with :
• Brand identity
• High quality
• Memorable for the viewers
• Directed to your targeted audience.

Klientas has worked for several companies such as Muthoot Pappachan Group, Chemex Hygiene Concepts , Lifestyle Dreams,Elex Expo, Food Fun Flea – Summer of 19 etc and they are our happy clients .Klientas will help you in recognising your needs and promoting your business through creative explainer videos.

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