Social media professionals always need to stay in touch with clients, the best way is using mobile apps. Mobile apps have an important role in marketing.
Here are 5 social media apps;

Buffer App

Buffer app is a social media scheduler for Facebook (Post, Pages, Profile), Twitter (Tweets), LinkedIn (Profiles and Pages), Google+ and Pinterest.All of our social media accounts in one place. No wasting time, no more logging into multiple social media profiles. Download buffer app on our phone to schedule our tweets, posts, and blog posts!

Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads manager is a great app to have, when you are traveling or in a meeting with clients! We can access all our Facebook Ads account in one touch, boost posts, gauge the reach and cost per action. Ads manager app gives marketers more power to manage ads from anywhere. Using this app we can track ad performance, edit existing ads, edit ad budgets and schedules, receive a push notification and create ads.

Facebook Pages Manager

Your Page is your business icon on Facebook, A helpful customer service and positive experiences on your Page are a must for success. Your Page is set up to make it easy to respond to comments and messages from customers, with features such as notifications, insights. Page manager is the best app that we can download and use to manage our page effectively. It is user-friendly and gives the user the same feel as when he/she is on the desktop or laptop.


Mention is a monitoring tool on the web, including the social media platforms to keep you informed every time somebody mentions your name, brand, keywords, and its user-friendly interface makes it very easy to use.

When Mention spots that somebody talks about our brand and we can instantly see this through one of their apps(Web, Desktop, iPhone or Android). You will get real-time alerts every time
people talk about your brand.


DrumUp is a social media management tool and it is a complete social media manager – we can schedule posts and manage content across Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account from a single social media platform.  DrumUp creates content streams for a user based on a set of keywords. Monitor all of our profiles in a single place and to stay on top. Using this app we can post or Set important posts on repeat schedules easily and increase our followers with smart hashtag recommendations. Track and measure Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook engagement deep social media analytics. So here is the roundup of 5 social media apps that a social media professional needs to have to make their lives easier. How many are already on your phone? Did you find this blog post helpful?

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