Benefits of Twitter Hash Tags: How it performs? (Part 2)

Hope you realized how useful hash tags, when it comes to branding or advertising which you read in the previous article. You can expect hundreds of new follower’s online as well as real customers by knowing how to operate and monitor these. Here are some advantages that hash tags can offer to your brand.

Perks of Hash Tag Use

The online users benefit by immediately being led to the topics and conversations that they wish to join and from where they acquire information. It also benefit by having more relevant users join the conversations. In general,hash tags make online searches easier and faster since topics are arranged according to category.Many businesses have gained thousands of followers overnight by using viral marketing. If viral marketing is a good move, then it is important to understand the structure, objectives and nature of the business and its approach.

Research your Hash Tag before you Use

The first step is to find appropriate keywords. Start with the main categories, or keywords, for your site.#Twitter, #marketing, and #hashtags would be a good start for the initial post. Also, consider looking at the posts in your timeline to see the hashtags that are being used by those that you follow. Draw up a list combining your own thoughts with those you have taken from influencers in your industry.

Test your Hashtags

You should also determine whether images and videos help spread the word further, and consider trying different lengths of tweets too. Use a tool like Tweetdeck, prepare the basis of your Tweet, and then create a handful of versions and schedule them to post separately. Ideally, you should test this by posting a single tweet a day, on the same or similar days, and only changing the hashtag that you use in your message.

Track your own Results

Always track and monitor your own social media results, rather than, or as well as, using online tools.You can store exactly the data that you want, manipulate it to greater effect, and create more accurate testing results. Stick to the hashtags that give the best results, but don’t be afraid to test new ones every now and then to enjoy even greater results.

At the very least, ensure you use one or two relevant, targeted hashtags with every tweet.

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