How to Build Your Brand with Instagram

Would you like to get your products seen by more people and grow a strong following of customers who really relate to your brand? If so, instagram is a platform that has demonstrated tremendous growth. Nowadays many business owners are overlooking its marketing potential. Here are a few ways to use Instagram to build your business and brand.

Grow your Instagram following with Strategic Planning

Do you know how to build a following? Without a large number of followers, how can it possibly be an effective marketing channel? So, first of all create a list of popular Instagram accounts that reach your target audience. Next you can partner with them for what they call “shout-outs,” which can be either paid or unpaid. You share one another’s content, and you both encourage your followers to follow the other account. You get access to their audience,and they get access to yours. But paid shout-outs can be a great way to gain thousands of followers. However, you can begin to drive those followers to your website, engage with your brand, and subscribe to your email list.

Converting your Followers into Subscribers

If you want people hit follow on your Instagram, make sure that you have a catchy and informative bio. Include your business name and a concise description of what you actually do.Always try to keep it light and interesting, and avoid a salesy tone. Use a very specific call-to-action with a memorable URL that takes users to a unique page on your website. Then your visitors can ensure that the page they land on is packed with value.

Create Popular Instagram Posts

As you know a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s use this power to its full. Choose images that tell a story or inspire feeling. This image we shared is not only compelling and interesting, but it also elicits emotion and therefore drives engagement from our followers. Make sure your images reflect professionalism. That implies they’ll need to be high quality. Make beautiful and easily digestible content that helps your audience to share it and interact with your brand and also can explode your growth. You will get a more impact if you add text to your Instagram posts. Text can extend anywhere from a compelling question to a powerful, motivational quote.

Moreover, Posting when the largest portion of your followers is online will ensure your content is working overtime for you. So if you use Instagram strategically, it can have a significant impact on your reach, brand awareness, and ultimately the revenue of your company.

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