LinkedIn Interface update

There has been mixed reactions about the new LinkedIn U.I. One thing every user noticed was, it looks way too similar to Facebook. The added advantage of the new UI is that the site navigation is easier now. LinkedIn is also modifying its search interface to make it easier for users to find jobs, people and companies. The biggest similarity that makes Facebook and LinkedIn identical is the real time message interfaces that are present at the bottom of every page. Other notable changes includes profile sets on upper left,  news feed down the middle,  to the right where Facebook keeps its trending topics, LinkedIn added a section similar as  “What you need to know now”. Amy Parnell (head of User Experience Design at LinkedIn) says “The goal with this design was to simplify and create focus.” She also adds “We’re a social network, Facebook is a social network. The types and interactions and behaviours you see on the platforms are similar,”

Features that are changed Includes

General Navigation

New update from LinkedIn Offers seven areas on the bar navigation namely Home (Your Feed), Messaging, Jobs, Notifications, Me, My Network, and Search. Also the “More” button on the top right allows to dive into more experience like Linked In Business Services.


A feature that distinguishes Linked In from Facebook  is its premium subscription. The change that came after the new designs are as follows:

Job seeker account to premium career : $299.88 annually
Business plus account to premium business: $575.88 annually
Linked In learning at $299.88 annually
Recruiter Lite/Corporate: $1199.44 annually for Lite and $9899.99 annually for corporate
Sales Navigator pro/team : $779.88 annually for pro and $1199.88 annually for team
Home page insights

Another unique feature that was added recently is the home page insights. Now users can see who is reading and engaging with the shared contents. This gives users unique advantage of tracking the post.

Every one admits the fact that the new Linked In update is a hay ware but its the best available professional networking site at the moment. LinkedIn always finds a way to help its user experience more sleek and friendly.

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