3 best tips to make your brand more visible

If there’s anything people agree on about today’s world, it’s that it is a time of
information overload. There are bulletins and emails and headlines and calls and
messages and more coming into our lives at every moment. How can you manage to
catch your customers’ notice in such a scenario, when attention spans are shorter than
You might have noticed that despite all this, some brands do manage to pierce through
the dense fog of information and imprint themselves in our collective memory. When
you want to make a copy of a file, do you ask for a photocopy or a Xerox? When you cut
yourself, do you ask for a bandage or a Band-Aid? These are brands that have
achieved the holy grail of brand visibility – what we call ‘proprietary eponyms’ in the
advertising world. How did they manage to do this?

Here are our three best tips:

1. Tell Your Story

In a personal and authentic manner, reach out to your customer base with the
lively and engaging story of the humans behind your brand. A powerful and
moving story is memorable in ways that no other content can match. But they
need to be compelling tales that connect deeply with the people watching and
listening. This also gives you a unique brand identity that your competition will
not be able to touch.

2. Photos and infographics

If you’ve been on any social media platforms, you’ll have noticed how much more
likely it is for photos and infographics to be shared again and again. You need
quality content though – your photos need to be funny, clever or memorable.
Throw in a sentence or two that appeal to the demographic you’re reaching out
to, and voila! Instant visibility. Infographics, depending upon your field, are
incredibly powerful too. They add colour and depth to data and statistics, and
people always look to them to understand an issue better.

3. Give away freebies

This is a surefire way to get your name out there, because no one can resist free
things! Put your name on pens, caps, toys and sports equipment, and then
distribute them at local events and festivals. Your name will instantly become
recognizable, since every time they see the object in their homes, they’re going
to be thinking about your brand.

Need more ideas about how to boost your brand visibility? Give Klientas a call, and we
promise you we’ll make it worth your time!

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