If your business relies on finding new leads and customers via the internet, you might consider using Adwords to advertise your business. Google Adwords is an online advertising service developed by Google to help marketers reach their customers instantly. Let’s have a quick look.

1.Search ads

Search ads are the first ads designed by google to display ads on its search engine. These ads are totally in text format. No images are allowed in this type of ads. Google considers many factors before deciding which ad to display first, as well as the sequence of ads that follow. Let’s take a brief look at important factors in search ads:

Targeting – For instance, your ads will be shown in the geography that you choose.
Search term and keyword – What is being searched for by the user and keyword that you optimize the ad for.
Ad copy relevance – Ads that appear for a specific search term should be relevant
Landing page experience – How relevant is the landing page to what the searcher wanted? Did he get what he was looking for?
Conversion rate – It is again controlled by relevance, landing page quality, and experience.
Bids – If two advertisers have perfect ads and landing pages, the higher bid will get preference over the lower one.
2.Display Ads

While you are reading a post or viewing a video on some random website, you see ads in a lot of different places on the page, and in different dimensions. These ads are displayed on websites which are partnered with google in other words these ads are displayed in websites who has AdSense approval.

Let’s see the targeting criteria’s for display ads:

Keywords – The ads are displayed based on the keywords that they are optimized for.
Placements – Placements are nothing but the websites on which you want your ad to appear. Just add the websites where you want to show the ads, instead of keywords.
Remarketing – This helps you reconnect with your existing website visitors. Using this, you can target visitors who have come to your website but have not taken any action.
Topic – There are specific topics in Ad Words, under which all websites are grouped. It will be easier for the advertisers to choose topics related to the businesses.
To be continued…………………

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