How Instagram Live can boost your business

It’s no secret that Instagram is creating waves among social media platforms. Instagram has grown so much from an image sharing application to a full-fledged social media platform that can promote businesses at the most cost-effective manner. Instagram is constantly updating and upgrading their application to make their platform more user-friendly and feasible. Latest update from Instagram allows you to stream videos live. Now users can stream anything live from anywhere.

How it works ?

The unique thing about Instagram live is that its video doesn’t get hosted on the platform instead they get deleted in a flash once the broadcast ends. Instagram live videos can be made public or private and in both scenario users / followers need to tune right in the moment or else will miss out. Instagram live presents the ultimate opportunity for businesses to create engagement and connections with the followers.

How to boost

1)  Promote and broadcast your upcoming event

Instagram live is a great way to announce, promote and broadcast your Instagram video. Effective way to do this is to create a post in all your social media that you are about to make an exciting announcement and then start streaming on your Instagram; this way every followers will know that you are about to go live.

2)  Introduce your new project

Another effective way to use Instagram live is to give a teaser of your new product. In this way your followers can get a first look of your product before it gets uploaded in your website and get there queries resolved before it gets uploaded.

Start an interactive Q&A session

Every broadcast in Instagram will have its own comment section. Like we discussed earlier this will let people know when you will start your live streaming. Let them ask questions through comment section, this will not only clear their queries quickly but also increase the engagements with your followers which eventually creates a strong branding for your company.

Broadcast Tutorials through Live Videos

Unlike Facebook Live, Instagram live gives you the flexibility up to one hour long live videos. This allows companies to give elaborate explanations on what their product is about and how to use them.

Be it Instagram or Facebook, live videos can increase your brand reach beyond expectations. Try it now, or talk to our experts at Klientas today for more information.

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