How to Run an Effective Social Media Employee Advocacy Program

Every smart entrepreneur knows that the need to use social media to effectively market their business and brand is at an all time high. Social media turned out to be the fastest way to reach out to target and potential audience for businesses over the past many years. But one of the problems we normally face is how we increase engagement and following to the page organically and not through increased spending on robots and fake followers. This is a problem that many entrepreneurs face today.

In most cases, social media accounts do not have very many followers, connections or interactions. That does not mean it is impossible to gain exposure. However, for example, you post on Facebook regularly but, you have a relatively small number of followers for your page. Which means Facebook’s algorithm will keep your engagement very low. This is true for almost all business houses on social media now. So how do we overcome this hurdle and create a strong engagement without spending big bucks?

The solution to this was discovered in 2008 – employee social advocacy. The 10 steps used to implement and run an employee-driven, post-boosting program.

1 All team members to promote posts on their personal, social media accounts – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram — on a regular basis.

2 Explanation of what employee advocacy is why it is done and what will be accomplished for the company should be explained to every team member.

3 In a follow-up email, ask everyone to follow and like all of your Company pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram from their personal social media pages.

4 There needs to be a social leader in the company. He or she will lead the charge on the personal posting side.

5 All members need to connect with the social leader. It’s ok if someone is not on every social platform.

6 The social leader then creates a post on their personal social media accounts. Use all the social networks if it makes sense for the post’s content. The post needs to be interesting and engaging and include no direct selling. That post should be shared on all company pages by the company page owner.

7 Send an email to everyone with all of the links to the leader’s posts asking everyone to share on their accounts with a personal comment added that relates to their friends, fans or followers.

8 When you start this advocacy program, do one post per week until your staff gets use to it. Then do up to three per week, but that is the maximum you should do.

9 To jump the program, give everyone a reward or gift that follows.

10 Create contests, and publicly hand out prizes. You should post a leader board and hand out prizes for the top performers for each month and for the year.

Employee social advocacy is an incredibly cost-effective way to build your brand and business. It also builds employee morale and creates a corporate culture where the staff feels like they have directly contributed to the success of the company. In case you need more professional advice on Effective Social Media Employee Advocacy Program talk to our experts at Klientas today!

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