Is It Too Early To Plan Your 2018 Social Media Strategy ?

Let’s face it, we’re going to blink and it’s going to be 2018. In the social space, where things appear to be happening in the moment it’s still possible to plan and gauge where the trends are heading which simply means, it’s never too early to plan.

Here are four quick ways to get a jump start on your 2018 social strategy

  • Look at the man in the mirror. Take an audit of what you’ve done in 2017. What were the hits, what were the misses? What was a good idea that you could build on and might have some legs that will stretch into 2018?
  • Take a look at the 2017 Social Trends. If you review our predictions for 2017 social trends and our 2017 social trend check-in you’ll notice the common denominator is live video. And I’ll tell you friends, it looks like that is here to stay. Last week Instagram even rolled out a feature where a live broadcast can be hosted by two people from different locations.
  • Outline what trends will work for your brand. Remember the saying “everything isn’t for everybody?” Yes, that applies to social as well. After reviewing the trends determine which ones will not only be a fit for your brand, but how you can execute and create an experience your audience will connect with.
  • Don’t be a stickler. Yes, you have a plan but, leave some room to be nimble. Social changes fast and while you don’t have to jump on the bandwagon for every new trick that pops up. You should leave some room in your strategy to test out new features as they become available and don’t forget to leave room in your paid social budget to support those new features as they roll out each week.

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