What do you know about Keywords? Are Keywords Relevant to SEO?

Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Keywords are the most important SEO element for every search engine; they are what search strings are matched against. Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website. By researching your market’s keyword demand, you can not only learn which terms and phrases to target with SEO, but also learn more about your customers as a whole. Here are a few things which show the keywords are relevant to SEO.

Always judge the value of the keyword

It’s not always about getting visitors to your site, but about getting the right kind of visitors. Now, when the Web is so densely populated with sites, it is next to impossible to achieve constant top ratings for a one-word search string. Achieving constant top ratings for two-word or three-word search strings is a more realistic goal.Run your initial list of keywords by the Google keyword Suggestion tool, you’ll get a related list of keywords, shortlist a couple of keywords that seem relevant and have a decent global search volume.

Keyword Research

Google’s AdWords Keyword Planner tool is a common starting point for SEO keyword research. It not only suggests keywords and provides estimated search volume, but also predicts the cost of running paid campaigns for these terms. Depending on your ranking and click-through rate, the actual number of visitors you achieve for these keywords will usually be much lower.

Keywords in Special Places

Keywords are very important not only as quantity but as quality as well. If you have more keywords in the page title, the headings, the first paragraphs, then this counts more Keywords. The reason is that the URL file names and directory names, the page title, the headings for the separate sections are more important than ordinary text on the page and thereforeif you have the same keyword density as your competitors but you have keywords in the URL, then this will boost your ranking incredibly.

Keywords in Page Titles

The page title is another special place because the contents of the

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