Why is offline marketing still crucial?

Many people think that the age of offline marketing has passed, that only what is online counts anymore. While it is undoubtedly true that the role of the online world has grown recently, it is a mistake to assume that it is all you need. Many businesses overlook the importance of real-world marketing, and it often leads to them losing out on more than they had imagined. So, why do you need offline marketing? Let us tell you why.

  1. Online attention spans are miniscule:

Research came out last year that proved that humans now have shorter memories than goldfish – less than eight seconds. In fact, when it comes to most internet use, the average is actually closer to around three seconds. In these three seconds, how are you going to convey all you need to say to an audience, as well as motivate them to approach you? Offline marketing offers you more direct and longer attentions. All you need is a little bit of creativity.

  1. Not everybody is online:

This is crucial to remember. Only around 40 percent of the world even has access to the internet. While that number is growing, you also have to ask if your customer base is the kind that generally uses the internet to research and shop. If it is not, you’re going to have to move offline to reach them. Otherwise, you might be missing out on many of your potential customers.

  1. Importance of face-to-face interaction:

Since we’re bombarded by thousands of ads online, we may remember next to none of them. But meeting someone who makes the right impression is hard to forget. Human ingenuity is a factor that can move your campaign to the next level, and that is often best deployed in person.

The game of marketing has evolved tremendously to include email, social media, video, and recently augmented and virtual reality. But offline marketing remains vital, as you can see here. Klientas can design your media strategy for you in a way that covers all the bases.

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